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The history of the business is a long and interesting one. Originally, a company called MCTS Ltd was set up in 1982 to take commercial advantage of the innovative work of a small team of researchers at Cardiff University.

Michael Close was a founder member and Director of this company, and Nick Goss joined MCTS as Cargo Systems Manager in 1988.

During the 1980s and 1990s MCTS developed and maintained TASKMASTER and PLANMASTER and other technical systems, and communications and training packages for the marine industry.

In 1996 the company was sold to a communications company GN Comtext, part of the Danish Great Nordic group, and in 2001 the business was sold again to the US Corporation Easylink Services. Services.

Naturally these companies were primarily interested in the communications and transaction processing business, but during this time Nick Goss and Mike Close were able to keep the Cargo Systems division profitable and its image sound.


PlanTask Ltd was set up in September 2002 to maintain and develop the business of providing container ship planning systems called PLANMASTER and TASKMASTER.

The founding members are Managing Director Gerry Endenburg, and Directors Michael Close and Nick Goss. The company is based in Cardiff, in the UK.

PLANMASTER is a comprehensive containership planning and stowage coordination software for effective ship operation, targetted at Liner Operators, Ship Managers, Container Terminals and Stevedores.

TASKMASTER is a computerised load monitoring system for containerships, tailored for individual vessels, and is usually supplied with industry-standard, Type-Approved computer hardware for installation of the vessel.


The Company has very close links with the Ship Message Development Group (SMDG). This User Group develops and promotes the UN/EDIFACT EDI messages for the Maritime Industry.

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