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Vessel safety and control through computerized load monitoring


This software based on the ship allows the operator to optimise stowage space and organise cargo both in port and ready for its next destination. The computerised loading system enables you to quickly and accurately calculate ship stability and stress levels, whatever the scenario.
With the TASKMASTER system onboard, you can make informed decisions, ensuring the safe operation of your vessel. Its distribution license also allows an installation in the office, thus allowing land-based staff to run the system and liaise with the vessel.

TASKMASTER’s design team of ex-Ships' Officers, Naval Architects, Vessel System Engineers, Software Engineers and Computer Scientists ensures that the product is a perfect fit with the requirements of Ship Managers and Operators and Shipowners, and is reliably in use around the world on all sizes of container ships.

The TASKMASTER Shipboard Loading Computer has been marketed and sold since the 1980s and therefore represents one of the longest established marine software products in this field, with a proven track record of satisfying client needs

Easy to use software

TASKMASTER is easy to use and meets the requirements of the seafarer and ship's operator, without the need to be a computer expert. The easy to follow menus and help screens, make it effortless for the first time user. Each system is uniquely configured for the vessel on which it will be based. Using the program, the experienced deck officer can enter loading details and check operational systems. TASKMASTER will constantly monitor each change providing current status to the user. If safe operating parameters are exceeded, the system will provide a warning message, so that a different course of action may be taken.

Features and Benefits




Windows based, easy to use screens including online help.


No computer expert necessary; user friendly, point and click application.


Computerized bayplan processing.


Optimize stowage through computerized planning.


Flexible links for full vessel monitoring and reporting to instantly calculate the ship's condition.


Quick and accurate calculation ensuring vessel safety.


Value-added utility programs such as lashing calculations, plan and auto-load features.


Ensure shipboard safety.


Operational Efficiency through EDI. Imports information from external sources using UN/EDIFACT messages such as BAPLIE


Gain operational efficiency, as there is no need to re-enter data.


Hazardous Cargo Segregation Checks.


Easily highlight stowage conflicts.


Proven software from an established marine supplier.


Specialists with in-depth knowledge of the shipping industry provide the highest of standards.


Hardware from an internationally renowned manufacturer, tested to meet strict Type Approval procedures.


Simple, secure and safe installation onboard. /p>


Fully Type Approved by Major Classification Societies.


Continually meet the evolving needs of our marine customers. /p>


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